Cigna-HealthSpring® STAR+PLUS

**Important Flu Shot Information**

Cigna-HealthSpring works with the State of Texas to help individuals and families get health coverage in the Texas STAR+PLUS Program. Through STAR+PLUS, Cigna-HealthSpring provides eligible enrollees with a wide range of quality health care services:
  • Primary and specialty provider care

  • Medical supplies

  • Mental health care and substance use disorder treatment

  • Hospital care

With Cigna-HealthSpring, you also get extra benefits like:
  • Routine Dental Services *

  • Vision Services, including eye glasses *

  • Over-the-Counter Medications, up to $10 monthly allowance

  • Enhanced Transportation services *

  • Toll Free 24-Hour Nurse Advise Line

* This benefit is for Medicaid only members.
Cigna-HealthSpring invites you to learn more about these services and many others that you can get as a member of the STAR+PLUS program. If you have questions, call Cigna-HealthSpring Member Services, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time, excluding state-approved holidays. We are happy to help you find the health care coverage you need.
  • Hidalgo Service Area: 1-877-653-0327 (TTY 711)

  • Tarrant Service Area: 1-877-966-9272 (TTY 711)